Ellie Kemper Joining Ron Bennington In Conversation at SiriusXM; Here’s How to Get Tickets (They’re Free!)

Actress, comedian, and award-winning tv star Ellie Kemper is going to be the next guest to sit in the chair opposite SiriusXM host Ron Bennington.

Kemper is coming into SiriusXM to talk about her gigantic hit Amazon Prime series, Unbreakeable Kimmy Schmidt which has been nominated for 18 Primetime Emmy Awards, including four nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series, and her brand new book, “My Squirrel Days.” Her own story is nothing like Kimmy’s but once Hollywood discovered her, she did have an incredible jump from a life auditioning and selling cupcakes at a bakeshop to being in some pretty exciting projects- once the world fell in love with her on The Office, it seems like everyone wanted to work with Kemper. She did 21 Jump Street, and Bridesmaids before she got to star in the Amazon Prime series. Since then, she’s gotten to be a part of a hit kids franchise, The Secret Life of Pets, and is in demand as a guest and as a guest host on various shows. And everyone adores her.

In her book, Kemper share stories of inadvertently insulting Ricky Gervais at the Emmy Awards, telling Tina Fey that she has “great hair—really strong and thick,” and offering a maxi pad to Steve Carell. She will take you back to her childhood as a nature lover determined to commune with squirrels, to her college career as a benchwarming field hockey player with no assigned position, and to her young professional days writing radio commercials for McDonald’s but never getting paid. Ellie will guide you along her journey through adulthood, from unorganized bride to impatient wife to anxious mother who—as recently observed by a sassy hairstylist—“dresses like a mom.” Well, sassy hairstylist, Ellie Kemper is a mom. And she has been dressing like it since she was four.

The hour will tape in front of a live studio audience, and you can request tickets right here– and the tickets are free.

The episode will tape on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9th at 11:30am at the SiriusXM Studios in midtown Manhattan. Please join us for this episode of Ron Bennington’s Unmasked series by filling out the form below to request free tickets. There aren’t a lot of seats available, so answer quickly.

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Before you request, please make sure you know you can be in Manhattan on time. You will need to arrive by 11pm. Please only request tickets if you KNOW you can attend, and only request more than one ticket if you can be certain you will be bringing someone. We will need your guest’s name to give you more than one ticket. Seating is limited, request now! We will email you to let you know if you have tickets.

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