Eddie Murphy is Touring in 2020

There have been hints. There have been teases. But finally, Eddie Murphy has confirmed that he will return to the stage to perform stand up. “Next year, I’m going to tour, do some stand-up,” Murphy told Netflix podcaster Krista Smith during an episode of Present Company.

The clues have been there. Netflix offering him an unheard of amount of money to do a special. Murphy’s appearance on Comedians in Cars with Coffee giving us a first public glimpse of the lighter, jokier Murphy fans remember from years ago (also he said he would do it eventually). And the decision to accept a gig hosting Saturday Night Live. It all added up to everyone expecting the announcement to come. And now it has.

Everything else surrounding the story is just filler. Murphy said he knows the metaphoric water in the pool is cold, but just like someone about to jump into the pool, he knows everything will be fine once he jumps.

The Eddie who shows up for the conversation is a more serious, contemplative Murphy than we saw cruising and drinking coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. But fans will enjoy the listen. Murphy talks about his legacy, the evolution of stand up, his new Netflix movie, My Name is Dolemite, his plans to host SNL, his passion for making music, and about his brother, Charlie.

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