Eddie Izzard Touring 50 States, 27 Countries

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If You live anywhere in the United States of a America you have an opportunity to Eddie Izzard do his stand up. He’s doing everything but going to house to house.

Eddie was in Cannes promoting “Rock Dog” an animated film he’s starring in, and told the New York Post that he was heading straight to Fargo North Dakota to do comedy. Fargo is Izzards first stop on his new tour Force Majeure, and now will make stops at every state in the US and 27 different countries.

Eddie does this while managing to stay political. Izzard campaigned for UK’s Labour Party, but, “The election didn’t go the right direction . . . but that’s democracy, and I’m running in five years,” he said. Even if you don’t agree with Eddie’s politics you have to admire his energy and tenacity. He is the rare comedian who doesn’t seem to have a cynical bone in his body.

Check out the tour dates for your chance to see Eddie Izzard live unless he follows you into a 7-11 and does a set in front of the slurpee machine.