Eddie Izzard Coming Back to East Coast

Eddie Izzard - Force Majeuer - Color 1 (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive

Eddie Izzard Returns to US, with Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and District of Columbia Shows

Eddie Izzard is unlike any performer you’ve ever seen before. He’s a brilliant stand up comedian, but in addition to selling out stand up shows in some of the biggest theaters and arenas worldwide, he’s also breaking records, running marathons (27 of them in a month!), campaigning for causes, raising funds, starring in movies, planning to run for office, starring in television shows, oh and he’s got incredible style, and did we mention he started out as a struggling street performer and worked his way up to all of that by sheer will and talent? We don’t have a superman on Earth, but Izzard is probably the closest thing we’ve got.

But really at the core of it all, is still Izzard’s amazing live stand up tours. Izzard was the first solo stand-up comedian to perform at the Hollywood Bowl; has sold-out three consecutive nights at Radio City Music Hall, sold out Madison Square Garden, and toured arenas throughout the U.S.

He’s been running around the world on his massive Force Majeure tour (now in its fourth year) and he’ll be back in the US for the month of July to bring his show to 7 new states. In 2014, he announced he’d be hitting up all 50 U.S. states as part of his tour, and he’s only got 8 states left.  In July, he’ll mark Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire off his list, plus check back in on New York City and Washington.  Izzard first brought Force Majeure to the US in the spring of 2014 hitting up 20 states and D.C., returned again last spring to add 13 more states and hit 7 more states in the fall.  Once he completes this leg of the tour, all he’ll have left is Hawaii to make good on his 50 State plan- he already visited Alaska in 2015.

Force Majeure is the most extensive comedy tour ever; launched in March of 2013, the tour will take Izzard to 28 countries on five continents and all 50 of the United States of America.

Tickets are on sale now, a full list of U.S. tour dates with links to tickets is available at www.EddieIzzard.com.

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