East Side Dave’s Epic Star Wars Spectacular Now Available to Watch for Free

east side dave star wars

Compound Media and the East Side Dave Show have released the full video of the East Side Dave Star Wars Spectacular. This means now you can watch for free.

David McDonald of the East Side Dave Show is a huge fan of the movie Star Wars and took on the ambitious task of directing and starring in a re-make of his all time favorite movie, the original Star Wars, also known as  Star Wars: A New Hope. McDonald stars as Luke Skywalker, and gathered talent from his weekly show as well as various shows on the Compound Media Network to play the other parts. From his own show, sidekick Roy Harter took on the role of Han Solo, show flutist Luisa “Flutesy” squeezed into a tight white dress to play Princess Leia and executive producer Stevie Lew in a Howard Stern wig rounded out the main cast as Chewbacca. The show’s friend and security guard “Mountain Dew” Andrew also known to many as Big A is on board as Grand Moff Tarkin.

Some familiar faces from around the network included Darth Vader– well played by Anthony Cumia in a Mickey Mouse Darth Vader Helmet, Gavin McInnes as an intentionally irritating C3PO, Pat Dixon played either a used car lot owner or Obi-Wan Kenobi, with appearances by producer Garrett, Geno Bisconte, Gabriela and others.


We talked to East Side Dave Show executive producer Stevie Lew about how it all came together. According to Lew, the forty-five minute final product took about three and a half hours to shoot.

[Correction: It was pointed out to us that our original note that producer Lew penned the remake script was in error. Stevie Lew did not actually write the script for Star Wars or for the adaptation.  Dave and Stevie adapted George Lucas’ screenplay. Apologies for any confusion generated.]

Lew said the budget for the shoot totaled “the few bucks I had in my wallet” with the cast members donating their time and their own costumes. Roy Harter and Brian Murray donated all the music for the final project.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind of course– what the hell was Bobo wearing?– was probably pretty close to what you would have guessed on your own-  a miner’s head lamp, and a paper plate on his head.  The rest of his wardrobe, for reasons that are still unknown, consisted of blue poster board, an orange t-shirt, and gaffers tape to block out the Mets logo on his shirt.


Post production included John Serino added lightsaber glow special effects and some green screen tricks were used to pull a few more scenes off.

Good news for those who want more, Lew promises that an official gag reel is on the way, but in the meantime a few Easter eggs you can enjoy include Bobo saying “hi” to Pat Dixon when Obi-Wan and Luke first meet. “It was Bobo’s first scene with Pat and he broke character. John Serino and I thought about using the second take, but decided that was too priceless to take out.” Lew also pointed out that the scenes with Garrett are a little wonky because Lew was operating the teleprompter for the first time and had no idea what he was doing.

Watch the East Side Dave Show Star Wars Spectacular below, and don’t forget the popcorn.

[Correction: Prior statements about snacks being purchased for the crew were apparently false and have been removed from the article.]

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