Doug Stanhope Saves a Life. Really.


Comedian Doug Stanhope finished a set in Eidenburgh Thursday night and then saved a man’s life. After performing at the Tron in Britain, Doug Stanhope helped to talk a man out of jumping off of Edinburgh’s North Bridge, which is apparently a known suicide spot.

Stanhope told the Scotland Herald that he was having a cigarette when he saw a woman chasing a man down a street. “Then the guy started trying to climb up on the bridge and I thought I’d better get over there,” he told the Herald. He then helped restrain the jumper to prevent him from going over the side of the bridge.

Stanhope tweeted a photo on October 1st and wrote “Hey Angus I wish you could’ve saved me from my set last night the same way we stopped you jumping off the bridge.”

Stanhope often talks about suicide in his act, and developed strong feelings about the right to die after assisting his mother to commit  suicide with dignity in 2008. She had been long suffering from emphysema.

Stanhope needs to now start a Suicide Prevention hotline, it’ll be huge.

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