Doug Loves Movies Tapes in NYC with Ron Bennington, Jim Norton, Esther Ku and Sam Roberts

doug loves movies panel

Sunday night hundreds packed into the Gramercy Theater in New York City to watch a taping of the beloved live show/podcast, Doug Loves Movies. As always, host Doug Benson kept his guest list super secret until the show began. He was joined by a New York based all star panel that included radio host Ron Bennington from SiriusXM’s Bennington show and Unmasked, comedian and radio host and Jim Norton from Opie and Jim, comedian Esther Ku and SiriusXM host Sam Roberts.

The crowd came eager to participate in Benson’s movie-themed podcast, with “name tags” decorated with homages to their favorite films in the hopes of winning Benson’s big bag o prizes. If you haven’t been to a taping, think of it as Benson’s own version of Let’s Make a Deal with audience members eagerly holding up intricate posterboards that included a ‘Silence of the Dans’ poster using Benson’s face, ‘Janadu’ replacing Olivia Newton John with Benson, and so on. Benson’s panel members each pick a “name tag” and then play movie themed trivia games to try to win the prize bag for their audience member. Sunday night’s prize pack contained wrist slap bracelets, pins and stickers, plus a Wayne Federman triple album, a tshirt, a copy of Bridesmaids signed by Paul Feig, a Jim Norton audio book and a copy of Al Roker’s book on weather among other assorted swag.

name tags doug loves movies

Games were played involving guessing the musical movie based on song clues, naming John Goodman movies, and a name that tune inspired game requiring panel members to outbid each other on how many stars they can name from a chosen film.

Without giving too much away, we learned that Esther Ku has most likely never seen a movie or even heard people talk about movies before, Sam Roberts is horrible at cheating, a theater-ful of people don’t know the difference between John Goodman and John Candy, and Llewyn Davis wasn’t searching for a clownfish.

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