Doug Benson Goes To Court; Sues “Super High Me” Partners

doug benson super high me

Comedian Doug Benson is suing to prevent a follow up to his cult hit documentary “Super High Me” according to

The 2008 film documented the effects of pot on Benson, following him through 30 days of cannabis-free living, immediately followed by 30 straight days of non-stop use. Now his former partners and a few other parties are looking to release a sequel, which according to court documents would detail the making of the original movie using unused footage.  Benson, who has since built a career around combing comedy and getting high (and loving movies, but that’s not relevant here), wants no part of the new film, and is taking to the courts to stop it from being released against his wishes.

Benson filed in a California federal suit to prevent David Paul, Alex Campbell, Wabi Pictures, PBR Streetgang and Vigorish Productions from releasing  “Super High Me Redux” claiming it will damage his reputation, cause irreparable harm to his career, and alienate and upset his fans. Benson is seeking an injunction to bar use of the copyrighted material and unspecified damages. You can read additional details about the dispute at


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