Don’t Know How to Handle All These Bikes on the Road? Bill Burr Can Help

This week the All Things Comedy Network launched a new YouTube Channel featuring the debut of a new series, Bill Burr’s Guide to Driving Etiquette. Episode one dives into the deep end of the pool and tackles the biggest challenge of all– Cyclists. Burr claims that Los Angeles cyclists are the toughest to deal with (have you driven in NYC recently Bill?)

“I already have a huge temper and I’m trying to learn how to control it and driving out on the streets out here makes me lose my shit again,” Burr opens the series with. He’s driving around Hollywood and he does not like the cyclists. Do a lot of etiquette guides start with the phrase “they are such fucking cunts?” No? Well this one does.

Most of Burr’s tips seem to be for the cyclist. Tips like “GET OVER!” and “OBEY THE RULES OF THE ROAD”. You can also learn about frosting, and a bonus tip for dealing with scooters.

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