Did You Hear? With Kashmere 2020!!! February 12 Edition

Between dealing with kids, dealing with work, and dealing with Take Your Kids to Work Day, you may have missed some of the most insane things celebrities did this week. Well, have no fear — because Kashmere is here with his finger on the pulse and his eyes on every Instagram account of anyone worth talking about. From Oscar winners to reality TV royalty, to even actually royalty; here are the craziest stories going on this week. Welcome to our newest series, “Did You Hear? With Kashmere!”
Kashmere (also known as Danny Murphy) is a comedian, writer, and pop culture connoisseur (despite not really knowing how to spell connoisseur). He currently writes for Betches and Marie Claire and has also been featured in Glamour, Seventeen and Town & Country. When he’s not drinking red wine or iced coffee while watching Bravo, he’s performing around New York and hosting PASS THE AUX at The Stonewall Inn and DO I SEND IT? at Branded Saloon. Follow his fake reality show AKA his Instagram stories, @kashmeredanny.

Happy Valentine’s Day week everyone! Whether you’re falling in love, ripping up pictures of your ex, or just planning to order Thai food alone (hi, me) it’s important to remember what this holiday is really about: the 75% off boxes of chocolate on the 15th. All you have to do is get passed the Instagram posts where people shout out their ‘special someone’ and ‘ball and chain’ and you can reward yourself with all the Reeses. We got this.

You Can’t Handle the Truth — So You Need A Drink:

Is there anything more romantic than pink champagne? I mean, probably, but who has the time to make a cocktail on Valentine’s Day — you’re either too busy making out or too busy trying to forget about the fact you have no one to make out with. Pop a bottle and celebrate!!

Shocked to Not

Let’s rank the five most shocking (or not remotely surprising at all) stories from this past week.
  1. Is Prince Harry Becoming A Business Bro? | I mean, it tracks. Apparently the new Canadian has been in talks with Goldman Sachs to partner with them on business deals and speaking events in the future — I guess the Queen has officially stopped Venmoing them. 
  2. How Is Jussie Smollett Still in the News? | As Katy Perry said, just because it’s over doesn’t mean it’s really over. The Jussie news is still going on and this time he is getting indicted in Chicago over the alleged staged attacks. Something tells me this case will last longer than Empire, which we all forgot was on the air.
  3. Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union Win Parents of the Year | The couple has started an open conversation about their daughter, Zaya, coming out as transgender. Dwayne Wade gave his first interview about it on Ellen because, who else do you turn to?
  4. Barbra Streisand Is An Eminem Fan | Babs herself has come out saying that she voted for Eminem to win his 2003 Oscar and now I’m demanding a remix to happen. People who need people probably also need their mom’s spaghetti.
  5. Richard E. Grant Is Really, Really Into Barbra | You know it’s a good day when Barbra is in the news TWICE. This time, though, it’s about how Richard E. Grant is so obsessed with her that he… Had to talk to his shrink about her. Honestly? Same.

The More You Know: Our Weekly Life Lesson From the A-to-Z List

Overall, it seems that the celebrities this week are telling us to just be ourselves — unless you can be Barbra Streisand, cause she seems to be having a better week than all of us.

Blast From the PAST:

In honor of the boring Oscars last week, let’s look back to when they were less boring but more cringeworthy, AKA all I want from my award shows. That is of course when James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted, or “hosted,” them. 

Stream or Scream?

Everyone is talking about Cheer on Netflix and now you officially can’t avoid it. The kids on the show are popping up all over social media and on award show red carpets, so it’s best to lean in and binge. Besides, who doesn’t want to cry about a kid making mat? .


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