Dice Says Trump Stole His Act

Thursday night on Conan, Andrew Dice Clay was on the program promoting “My Kitchen Rules.” Dice and his wife will be on the show together cooking (well, technically ex-wife, but they live together, and they sleep together, and are together, but have separate bedrooms– you know, exes who are still together, that whole thing.)

Of course the conversation came around to Trump, who Dice says is just doing his bits. ‘Well you know what it is..the guy like stole my whole act. I would see this guy on TV doing ehh dee deeh eh ghee ghee and I go, he’s doing me.” Dice also pointed out that Trump dresses like Rodney Dangerfield, and did his near perfect Rodney impression.

Watch the clips, check out Dice and his chick on My Kitchen Rules, and this summer, the return of Dice on Showtime!

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