Dice as President Might Be Less Weird

Wednesday night, Dice appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and the first thing you can’t help but notice– Dice has gone full silver. He’s still rocking the fingerless gloves, he’s still got Dice bling, but he’s not afraid to go white up top. Dice went through his incredible history telling Colbert how in the 80s he was filling stadiums, performing for record-setting crowds, fighting with the press- but says that now he gets to do what he’s always wanted to do, which is act. “This time I’m enjoying fame a lot more,” he said. He brought his showrunner from “Dice“, Scot Armstrong, with him. “The reason I like “Dice”,” he said, “is because I get to be self-deprecating, I get to make fun of myself, and Scot makes sure to it.” (Read our interview with Armstrong about Dice here).

After getting the background and the plugs out of the way, Dice moved on to what really matters- talking about Trump- and what he would do if he was President- switching in and out of jokes and sincere dislike for Trump’s Presidency.

“When I think of Trump, I go this guy stole my whole act to become President,” Dice said, before saying that he would do things differently if he ran. “Remember when he had those arguments with Hillary? Those three arguments? To me they weren’t debates, they were arguments,” he joked. “But I’d come out and tell them things I’d make happen. If I’m President, no more Monday. Nobody likes Monday. Let’s go right to Tuesday. We could do two Saturdays,” he promised, getting cheers from the audience.

Dice also told Colbert that he agrees with him about Trump, and said the bottom line is that “Dice” is an act, but said that the actual President has to “own up” because we need to stay united. Speaking in favor of equality and safety for all Americans, Dice said “This is the greatest country in the world. When you have the opportunity to go out and live your dream, that’s an incredible thing and everybody should be allowed to do it and it should be safe in the streets and I completely agree with what you were talking about.”

“I know Donald for a long time. I did the Apprentice and he used to book me in his hotels and that’s all business and that’s all good. But when you want to run the country, you make it safe for the people that live in that country. That’s the bottom line.”

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