David Wain’s National Lampoon Movie Has a Trailer: Watch Everyone in Character as Comedy Royalty

It’s felt like a long time since we first heard that this movie was being made about the National Lampoon and one of it’s founders, Doug Kenny. It’s titled A Futile and Stupid Gesture. David Wain directs the film and many of his usuals are on board for this one. Martin Mull and Will Forte star as Doug Kenny and Domhnall Gleeson plays Kenny’s co-founder, Henry Beard completing the core cast. The film has a gigantic supporting cast of comedy veterans playing comedy veterans, so you’ll get to see Joel McHale playing Chevy Chase, Seth Green as Christopher Guest, Natasha Lyonne as Anne Beatts, Paul Scheer as Paul Schaffer, Thomas Lennon as Michael O’Donoghue, Jackie Tohn as Gilda Radner, Jon Daly as Bill Murry, John Gemberling playing John Belushi, Lonny Ross as Ivan Reitman, Rick Glassman as Harold Ramis, Neil Casey as Brian McConnachie, Erv Dahl as Rodney Dangerfield, plus Matt Walsh as Matty Simmons, Joe Lo Truglia, and plenty more.

The Netflix debut date for the film is still over a month away, it debuts on Friday January 26th, but you can watch the trailer right now.

Martin Mull kicks off the trailer appearing as a narrating older Doug Kenny. The trailer gives you a glimpse of the actors in character, and a peek at the film’s portrayal of the Animal House and Caddyshack sets.

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