David Letterman Wants Seth Meyers to Rename Late Night “The Tomorrow Show”

Last night on Late Night, returned to the 12:30 show that he made famous, and chatted it up with current host .  It wasn’t exactly the earth shattering return it could have been and went over more like any guest appearance, but still it was fun to see Dave back in the spot where he made comedy history.


He was thrilled to be back but says he begged Meyers to change the name of the show when he took over the host spot. Pat Weaver, he said, worked at NBC in promotion and had the strategy of Today, Tonight, and Tomorrow. “Why not the Tomorrow show” Dave asked? Seth answered, “It meant a lot to me to be another host of Late Night.” Letterman called Seth the nicest man in the world and then they went to break.

Skip to the third clip to hear Letterman talk about renaming his show.


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