David Letterman Does a Donald Trump Top Ten List

dave martin martin

David Letterman made his first post retirement appearance and it was a real doozy. Long time late pals Steve Martin and Martin Short are on tour with A Very Stupid Conversation in San Antonio, Texas, and David Letterman shocked the audience with a drop in.

When Dave walked out on stage the audience erupted and Dave explained the reason he was there.

“I retired and… I had no regrets. None. I was happy. I’ll make actual friends. I was complacent, I was satisfied, I was content. And then a couple of days ago, Donald Trump said he was running for president….”

“Number 10…. That thing on his head was the gopher in Caddyshack.”

“Number 9…. During sex, Donald Trump calls out his own name.”

After his top ten Dave hung with Steve and Marty and joined in A Very Stupid Conversation. Take heed, Jon Stewart there will always be a news story that you will want to comment on.

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