Jon Lovitz is Ready to Sing Your Face Off Tonight

sing face 2

The newest celebrity competition show on the block, Sing Your Face Off starts tonight and will feature two Saturday Night Live veterans in the core cast and comedian David Alan Grier will be sitting in for the premier as a guest judge.  Darrell Hammond joins the cast as a judge (along with former pop star Debbie Gibson and guest celebrity judges)  and Jon Lovitz is one of 5 competitors.

Sing Your Face Off has the strangest premise we’ve heard since Dancing With the Stars first debuted.  Five celebrities will spend hours in the make up chair being transformed into different musical icons each week, and will attempt to walk, talk and perform like the musical performer they’ve been assigned.  And then yes, in character, they will sing (their face off?).  The impersonations will cross gender lines, age lines, and race lines throughout the season.

SNL Alum Jon Lovitz joins four other castmates (Skid Row Rocker Sebastian Bach, NBA player Landry Fields, actress China Anne McClain, and actress Lisa Rinna) to take on the challenges each week.

The first two episodes  kick off tonight, and you’ll see impersonations of Lionel Ritchie, Dolly Parton, Pitball, Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, and more.  Lovitz will be transforming into his own versions of Elton John, and Pavarotti in the first two episodes.

The weirdness starts at 9pm e/p time and will run for  two hours tonight on ABC.  The New York Observer predicts the show
“will lead directly to a Hunger Games–style dystopian future.”

How can you not watch that ?

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