Dave Attell Gilbert Gottfried and Rachel Feinstein Stand Up For Dick Jokes

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Monday night on the Nightly Show, Larry Willmore addressed Donald Trump’s dick size comment during last week’s debate. Willmore is pissed.

“Making dick jokes is my job. A politician’s joke is to make policy, a comedian’s job is it to make dick jokes. Crass, shame filled fifth grade level dick jokes,” Willmore said. Comedians everywhere are outraged, he added, and are starting a movement, #DickJokesMatter. Dave Attell, Rachel Feinstein, Gilbert Gottfried and the Nightly Show writing staff backed him up on this very serious subject. Save dick jokes for comics. #DickJokesMatter

Later, Attell, Mike Yard and Ricky Velez discussed with Willmore whether dick jokes belong in an election. Mike Yard took the position that there was never any civility in politics, and Dave Attell pointed out that the debates are up against MMA and Basketball Wives, and competing for viewers, so why wouldn’t they go for the throat. You can watch both clips below.

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