Countdown to Vice Principals Season Two: Teaser Clips and Photos!

The anticipation for season two of HBO’s has been real. It’s been a year since the show left us hanging with the burning question: “Who shot Neal Gamby?” Since then, the network has promoted the hell out of the show, recently throwing a release party at the Alamo Drafthouse and posting a Pop-Up Video-style cast commentary episode to their digital services. Between the show’s surprisingly-gripping storyline turn and all of the promotion from the network, excitement for the show has come to a fever pitch.

Now, with the much-hyped second (and final) season of the show set to premiere on HBO this weekend on Sunday, September 17th, the network has released a little teaser from the upcoming first episode. In the clip, we see Gamby still in recovery from his near-fatal gunshot wounds, recovering and clearly overstaying his welcome at the house of his ex-wife, Gale (Busy Philipps) and her husband Ray (Shea Whigham). You can check out that clip, along with a few promotional images below, as well as the prior clips promoting Season Two.

Vice Principals – Season Two premieres Sunday, September 17th at 10:30pm on HBO.

Neal Gamby’s PTSD

Neal Gamby is Back


The Official Trailer

Who Shot Gamby?

Season Two Back to School

Season Two Tease

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