The Connors Ratings Are Tanking Big Time

The Roseanne-less Roseanne spinoff, The Connors is not thriving, in fact, word is, its spiraling. Total viewers are down, key demo viewers are down, and The Connors got beat by everything in their time slot this week. Media outlets are predicting the end for the barely begun show.

Word is that ABC has ordered one, just one extra episode to add to their original order. Why would a network add just one episode? Sounds like someone’s looking to wrap things up with a series finale.

The end of the Connors would mean that Roseanne giving up her rights to the show will have been for nothing. After Barr’s disgrace and ouster, she claimed to be distraught over being the cause of so many people losing their gigs, so she gave up rights to the character she created in order to allow the rest of the cast and crew to continue on. If the show is cancelled, she gave up potentially viable future property to give that group one last season, and now her character is dead, so absent the ridiculous idea of a soap opera twin being discovered, it looks like the one time powerhouse series will go out with a whimper.

But they’re not cancelled yet, this is just speculation. But not too many people we talk to saw the first episode, and nobody’s seen a second.

When people watching Crackle at that same time can beat you, you’re in trouble.

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