Conan, Louis CK, Jon Stewart, Others Address The “Charlie Hebdo” Attack In France

After yesterdays horrifying attack on journalists at the Paris offices of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, the comedy world in the US was surprisingly quiet.  After seeing our timeline erupt with political talk in the last few weeks over other incidents, we expected that one that hits so close to home for the people who produce comedy would have opened an extensive social media dialogue.

But there were some members of the comedy community who reacted, and reacted strongly, and this has inspired others to pay attention.  Last night,  O’Brien started his show with an emotional statement about the attack that left 12 people dead including the editor of the magazine and several cartoonists. The victims were specifically targeted by the gunmen because of their satirical illustrations. Scroll down to listen to ’s statement.

As you would expect, also had a lot to say about the attacks. He said “our hearts are with the staff of Charlie Hedbo tonight” and said that going into comedy shouldn’t have to be an act of courage. He added, there is no sense to be made of this, but in the name of ridding the world of toxic ideologies, he said, “our goal is to keep going.”

Louis C.K. also reacted.  Last night he played Madison Square Garden and showed solidarity by writing the words “Charlie Hebdo” on his shirt while he performed.

The staff of “Charlie Hebdo” had faced violent threats in the past and were aware that their comedy and their truths angered people who might try to harm them and yet they continued to put out their satirical cartoons. It’s a strong reminder of the power of comedy, and the sacrifices that are made in the interests of freedom and truth.

A few of the other people in our feed who have made mention of the incidents on twitter included , , , the Boston Improv, Craig Ferguson, , , , , and .

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