Coming Soon: The Duplass Brothers’ Tangerine


In this new Bruce Jenner era of transgender being in, is the new comedy-drama “Tangerine” produced by Mark and Jay Duplass. “Tangerine” stars Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as transgender prostitute, Sin-Dee Rella. She just got out of prison and finds out her boyfriend Chester who’s also her pimp is cheating on her with a woman. An actual born-that-way woman. Sin-Dee goes on rampage throughout Hollywood looking for Chester and the woman he’s sleeping with. Does Sin-Dee Rella find her? Well, here’s a line from the trailer. “You didn’t have to Chris Brown the bitch”. Co-starring Mya Taylor, James Ransone and Mickey O’Hagan, “Tangerine” is in theaters Friday, July 10th.


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