Coming Soon: The Layover Starring Kate Upton

Kate Upton is exercising her comedy muscles once again in a new film co-starring Alexandra Daddario. In The Layover, Kate and Alexandra play best friends who find themselves fired from their jobs and heading to Florida to relax and regroup. The problem is that due to bad weather, their flight is stuck in St. Louis. The girls then find themselves battling each other over a guy (Matt Barr) who they met on their plane. It’s the stuff that sex comedies are made of.

SPOILER ALERT! The writers, David Hornsby and Lance Krall, did find a way for Kate Upton to appear in the film wearing a bathing suit, putting her vast Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition experience to good use. The movie is directed by Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee William H. Macy who also appears in the film. The cast also includes some comedy firepower with appearances by Kal Penn, Matt Jones, Rob Corddry and Molly Shannon.

The Layover will be in select theaters on Friday, September 1st.

via YouTube.

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