Comedy Dynamics Threatens They May Boycott Georgia If Anti-Gay Rights Bill Becomes Law

comedy dynamics may boycott georgia

Comedy Dynamics May Boycott Georgia

Comedy Dynamics, the country’s biggest independent producers of comedy albums and specials, has sent a strong message to the governor of Georgia today, asserting they may stop filming stand up comedy in George over the new “religious liberty bill” that was passed by the Georgia Legislature.

Comedy Dynamics president Brian Volk-Weiss sent a letter to Governor Nathan Deal on Wednesday urging him to veto the new law that will give assistance to those who discriminate against gay marriage in the name of religious freedom.  Comedy Dynamics joins a growing list of names who have said they could discontinue working in the state because of the law. Most recently, Walt Disney Co. announced they will take their business elsewhere if the bill is signed. Marvel has also threatened to stop filming in the state, and AMC, which films The Walking Dead in the state has also urged the Governor to veto. Coca Cola, the NFL and Dell have all taken steps toward influencing the Governor as well.

Volk-Weiss takes the stance in his letter that “any particular religious belief or moral conviction is not, and should not be held as superior right over any other belief or lifestyle, and “respectfully requests” that the Governor “veto this bill immediately.” Although Comedy Dynamics stops short of boycotting the state absent a veto, Volk-Weiss pledges to urge their artists not to film in Georgia if the bill becomes law. The letter adds that in the past they have been “proud to shoot in the Peach State.” You can read the letter in its entirety below.

Governor Deal has until May 3 to decide whether to veto the bill.

comedy dynamics boycott georgia

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