Comedy Central Wants You To Ring in the New Year with Dave Chappelle

If you’re a gigantic Dave Chappelle fan you are probably already planning to spend New Year’s Eve watching his brand new Netflix special debut and now you can keep the party going because starting at 9am on New Years Day, Comedy Central is planning to air all 28 Chappelle Show Episodes, back to back, culminating with Dave’s groundbreaking and first hour special, Killin’ Them Softly, scheduled to run at midnight on New Years Day.

If you’re too young, too old or you were just missing during the reign of the Chappelle Show, this is the perfect opportunity to finally see what everyone else has been talking about for the large part of the last two decades 15. If you watched the Chappelle Show digital short on SNL last year and had no idea what everyone was laughing about, now you will finally get it.

Order up some WacArnold’s, maybe a nice Samuel Jackson beer, and relive the Chappelle’s Show phenomenon chronologically, start to finish, with an all-day, full-series marathon New Year’s Day on Comedy Central.

“It’s a Celebration, Bitches” begins at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT, with all 28 episodes of Chappelle’s Show running nonstop and culminating in a Midnight presentation of the seminal Chappelle stand-up special Killin’ Them Softly. Chappelle’s Show episodes will continue to air into the wee hours, and all episodes plus the special will be available on and the CC App.

Chappelle’s Show aired from 2003-2006 on Comedy Central and became an instant cultural sensation. The series’ poignant, street-smart take on the nuances of race and society remains relevant as ever in today’s world, and Chappelle’s Show images, soundbites and clips persist as popular reference points throughout the media landscape.

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