The Comedy Cellar’s Noam Dworman Is Not Pleased About Anthony Cumia – Jon Stewart Argument Landing on Page Six

As you may have heard, Anthony Cumia and bumped into each other at New York’s Comedy Cellar this past Thursday and they, uh, exchanged a few words. The story didn’t take long to reach the internet, and even made Page Six who quoted the Cellar’s owner, Noam Dworman, as saying he isn’t too pleased about that. The fight may not exactly be big news- people disagree all the time- but Dworman would have to be pretty troubled that one of his celebrity guests reads about an argument at the Cellar– long seen as a place even big celebrity comedians can come feel at home– on Page Six.

Cumia, formerly of SiriusXM’s Opie and Anthony, was at the Cellar with a few friends, including comedians and Russ Meneve, as well as former Howard Stern crew member Steve Grillo. While hanging out at the bar, the group was approached by former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who was apparently saying hello to Grillo. When Cumia said hello to Stewart and extended his hand, however, he got a much chillier reception. Stewart apparently looked at Cumia and refused to shake his hand, saying “I’m not shaking your hand, you fucking piece of shit,” apparently in response to Cumia’s years of bad-mouthing him on his various shows. Long story short, the two got into a bit of a shouting match. According to Radar, Cumia retorted “I wouldn’t expect less from you, you phony fucking Hollywood asshole,” but on his own show Anthony said that Radar got it wrong- it was  Grillo who jumped in making that remark, not him.

While an eyewitness did contact Radar Online with a little information about the argument, most of the details from that night came out when Cumia went on a nearly 25-minute rant about the situation on the air on his podcast The Anthony Cumia Show.  That bit is what has Dworman just a little pissed off. “He’s violating the place and the terms that he’s treated as a guest…” Dworman told Page Six. “I don’t remember any comedian ever running to the papers or their comedy show to discuss what happened to them.”

You can check out Cumia’s (very one-sided) version of events in the clip below.  One thing is certain… when Anthony Cumia announces his new co-host on August 21, it won’t be Jon Stewart.

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