Jim Norton, Dan Soder, Jimmy Shubert on Comedy 101 at JFL!

Get ready Montreal, and Just for Laughs, because we’re coming for your Open Mic’ers!

On the heels of a killer edition of Comedy 101 in Austin, Texas, NYC’s roughest, survival of the fittest, live comedy show comes to Montreal’s prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. Do Montreal open mic comics have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with a very special panel of “mentors”!? Come join us in Montreal and find out!!

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Five open mic’ers, two amazing hosts, and a panel of pros ready to go in for the kill.  And our panel of pros is truly killer.  Jim Norton will be joining the panel of mentors for the first time ever, and we have returning favorite Dan Soder ready to kill, with more names being announced later this week. Also just added- the great Jimmy Shubert and this brutal panel is just unbelievable.  This is a huge night you won’t want to miss.

Comedy 101 is what happens when an open mic crashes head-on into a roast. Five rookies who have only previously performed at open mic shows take to the stage, most of them for the very first time in front of a real audience and they have to try to make the crowd and our panel of “mentors” laugh. They have to work fast though, because our mentors have bells in front of them and they are ready to ring in, stop the set, and absolutely eviscerate the open mic’ers (and each other).

So if you can’t tell a joke, you will be the joke.

The show is hosted by SiriusXM’s brilliantly funny and Gail Bennington, and the results are brutally funny. And we mean brutal because the mentors are chosen from the quickest and the funniest headliners, with a reputation for showing no mercy. No one is spared.

Being torn apart by New York’s finest is a rite of passage in New York comedy, but can Montreal measure up?  We think they can.

Comedy 101 will be at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival on Friday, JULY 28th at the MainLine Theatre

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The panel of veteran mentors is going to be incredible! JIM NORTON!  DAN SODER! AND MORE! 

Comedy 101 has performed for sold out crowds at some of the best venues in New York City including The Stand, the Village Underground and the Hard Rock Cafe. Previous events have been judged by New York City favorites , , , , Big , , , , , , , , and East Side Dave McDonald.

Do not miss the chance to see what happens when masters of the roast are given free license to interrupt and critique the young guns just getting started, and hear all six episodes of Comedy 101 on iTunes or right here on our site!




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