Comedians React to Election Night, Nothing Funny Here

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We follow 2100 comedians on Twitter which means every day we have the funniest feed no matter what’s happening in the world. Every day except for November 8th and 9th 2016. There was no laughing, almost nobody making jokes, and not very many happy voters tweeting. Although many comedians had joked throughout the election that having Donald Trump in the White House would be great for comedy, nobody was celebrating.

As we followed along throughout election night, we slowly watched the mood turn from excited, to hopeful, to nervous, to frightened, to angry and depressed. We’ve picked a cross section of the tweets from our feed throughout the night to show you how our comedian friends reacted throughout the coverage of Election 2016, and Donald Trump’s surprising win.  Starting with earlier in the night…ending at well…the end.

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