Comedians Love “Black Mirror” (and so do we)

black mirror

What were you doing over the holiday break?  If you were like us, and a lot of great comedians, you were binge watching Black Mirror.  If you don’t know what that is, then you probably haven’t been on the internet much this week.  The Black Mirror series was created for British television Channel 4 by Charlie Brooker, who is referenced with words like  brilliant, and genius on a regular basis these days. The episodes combine sci-fi and philosophy in the best way, following the tradition of smart shows like The Twilight Zone, and the original Star Trek series.  Most of the episodes take place in the vaguely near future, and examine the darker side of technology.   If you haven’t watched yet, there are six episodes (two seasons of three episodes each) on Netflix, plus a holiday special “Black Mirror White Christmas” available to watch on YouTube.   You may want to clear 7 hours before you sit down because you’ll want to watch them all, once you start.

Some of our favorite comedians have been sharing their love of the smart series on Twitter.  Sarah Silverman is on it, and loving it.  The Birthday Boys are watching. Conan binge watched.  Mike Birbiglia binged too.  Iliza Shlesinger is calling Black Mirror her religion.  Mindy Kaling, Ben Kissel, Kelly Carlin, Ryan Hamilton, all on the Black Mirror. And Doug Stanhope.

Mike Birbiglia is mesmerized by “Black Mirror”.

Mindy Kaling is into “Black Mirror”.

“Black Mirror” has Ben Kissel’s recommendation.

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