Comedian Attacked on Stage in South Carolina Club (Video)

An audience member at a South Carolina comedy club jumped on stage and attacked comedian Steve Brown Sunday night, going after the comedian with a mic stand and a stool. According to, the incident went down at the Comedy House in Columbia South Carolina. Brown was injured by the mic stand, but not seriously.

No official word on what started the argument, but one of the commenters on Comedy Hype’s YouTube Channel claims that the guy who attacked the comedian was sitting in the front row, with an attitude, and when Brown asked him what was wrong, the guy answered “I’m good, go on with ya pus ass show.” When Brown told him to leave if he wasn’t there to have a good time, the argument escalated, and the assailant jumped on stage.

No arrests were made but the incident is under investigation by the Richland County Sherrif’s Department.

Brown posted a video late last night on his Instagram, complaining about the lack of security at comedy clubs.

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