Collie’s Pub is a Virtual Bar With Comedy From Dublin-born, NYC-based Comic (and part-time bartender) Colum Tyrrell

By Colum Tyrrell

In just a few weeks the Coronavirus pandemic has already left its mark on society and taken one of its hardest blows out on the entertainment industry. Comedy, specifically, will be feeling the pains of this for possibly years to come as clubs across the globe have temporarily closed their doors and laid off staff.

However, succumbing to silence is not something found in the genetic makeup of a comedian. Even without stages we are creators at heart and we will always find ways to get a laugh — especially in times when we need laughter the most.

Over the last few weeks as the comedy world has tried to adjust to the current state of the world, many comics have taken to Instagram live streams to elevate their creative voices and connect with audiences. I’m excited to announce the latest iteration of this newform comedy with Collie’s Pub, a virtual bar officially opening its webcam for business on Saturday, March 28 at 6pm ET. Collie’s Pub is a weekly live streamed show and bar hang for my fans, friends and comedy lovers around the world to come together to share a drink (or two) and a few laughs.

What began as a joke in my shoebox sized NYC apartment quickly took shape into something far more than I could have imagined. I wasn’t surprised by my fans ability and desire to drink, but I was blown away by the compassion and generosity of this community. Following the cold open stream I was flooded with Venmo donations and people asking when the pub would reopen.

I decided to make Collie’s Pub a permanent fixture and to invite my friends in comedy to join me on the stream because I realized that these are the moments that are going to get us through these uncertain times. The comedy community is resilient, but the only way we’re going to get through these uncharted waters is by laughing together.

So tune into Collie’s Pub on my Instagram (@columtyrrell) this Saturday, March 28 at 6pm ET. Invite your friends to chat in the comments, pour something strong and get ready for my surprise guests.


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