Watch Colin Quinn’s Cop Show: Season Two

cop show season two colin quinn

Colin Quinn’s amazing web series Cop Show is back with a Season Two today on Lexus-backed  Season Two features some serious names doing serious things.  Colin is back, so are series regulars Griffin Newman, Keith Robinson, Elsa Carette, Sue Jean Kim, and Peter Grosz, with many more dilemmas and adventures in the gritty world of making drama about cops.

Watch Chris Rock’s death scene with some incredibly emotional moments by CQ, or episode two which features Nick DiPaolo and Chris Gethard.  Steve Buscemi is featured in a episode called “Corrupt Cops”, Jim Norton plays either an owl or a cop undercover as an owl, and the season closes out with the legendary Danny Aiello.  Also featured are Wil Sylvince, Irina Shayk, Steve Guttenberg, Gary Gulman, Rich Vos, Bonnie McFarlane, Dante Nero, and more.

Season three is expected to debut later this year.  Watch all eight new episodes below.

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