CNN in Talks with Paul Schrader for Fictional Series

paul schrader cnnWhen Paul Schrader stopped in to talk with Ron Bennington on the Ron and Fez Show about his new film, “The Canyons” he also dropped the big news that he is working with CNN to develop a possible fictional series.  CNN branching off into a serial drama would be interesting news by itself, but having Schrader involved makes this even more interesting.  Schrader told Bennington that the series will be about gun show culture, with a Timothy McVeigh type character.  He also drew comparisons to his “Taxi Driver” character Travis Bickle.

“I’m in kind of a negotiation with CNN to do a limited series. They’re thinking of moving over to fiction. And I proposed that we do something on Tim McVeigh and the gun show culture. Because that’s what happened – when Travis Bickle moved from the 70s to the 80s, he met the gun show culture. That’s where Tim McVeigh came from. (laughs) And now, when Travis Bickle meets the social media culture – I don’t know what comes out of that.”

Schrader hinted that the  new series might also draw on his recent experience working with Lindsay Lohan on the new film.  Working with Lohan gave him a close up look at today’s response to social media culture. “The enormous reservoir of hatred there is.” he said.   “People just can’t even have a sensible conversation because they go kind of red in the eyes when her name comes up. And all kinds of vile things that would normally have been only spoken in locker rooms and bars, are now being posted online. And it is…as I said to her a number of times, I said – it must be exhausting to be you.”

“The Canyons” opens this week in select theaters and on demand, this Friday, August 2nd. You can get more information at