Chris Kattan’s 8 Best SNL Sketch Countdown

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From 1996 through 2003 Chris Kattan was on SNL and quickly became one of the go-to favorites for writers. Most people hope to get one memorable sketch or one recurring character but Kattan was able to lock down more than a few. He even got a movie out of one sketch. These are some of Chris Kattan’s best sketches on SNL.

#8: The How Do You Say ‘Ah Yes’ Show Hosted by Antonio Banderas

You can’t be an SNL Mainstay without a big celebrity impression and for Kattan is was hosting “The How Do You Say, Ah Yes” Show as Antonio Banderas. Jimmy Fallon is a great supporting character as the band leader helping push how sexy Banderas is. Kattan doesn’t look anything like Banderas or really do a solid impression but the sketch works off pure ridiculousness.

#7 Mr Peepers and Papa Peepers

Mr. Peepers was a perfect character for Kattan to play because of his strong physical comedy skills. In this sketch, he’s reunited with his father for the first time in 3 years, played by The Rock. The two play so well off each other and you barely even notice Will Ferell in the sketch with them.


#6 Weekend Update: Angelina Jolie’s Brother

Remember when Angelina Jolie and her brother kissed and it was all anyone could talk about? Let Molly Shannon and Kattan remind you of it in this silly Weekend Update desk piece hosted by Colin Quinn. Kattan is able to command the sketch just by staring ahead at the camera and pouting his lips. Physical comedy doesn’t always have to be big movements, it can also be just distorting your face for laughs.

#5 The Roxbury Guys Featuring Jim Carrey

When you hear “What is Love” by Haddaway, you think Chris Kattan and Will Ferrell. Out of all the memorable character, Kattan got to play on SNL, this is easily the top of the heap. The Butabi Brothers are forever ingrained as a 90’s reference and Jim Carrey fit perfectly into the mix. Kattan even titled his autobiography “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” after the song’s lyrics. Even though the movie wasn’t exactly a hit, you still hear people quote it as it’s become a weird cult comedy.

#4: The Zimmermans

Chris Kattan had so many recurring sketches that you may have forgotten about The Zimmermans, a couple played by Kattan and Cherri O’Terri 8 times over 4 years. Another way to show off Kattan’s physical comedy chops, O’Terri’s manic energy was a perfect match for Kattan and what makes the bit work.

#3 Mango vs Jennifer Lopez

Mango had some really great sketches during Kattan’s run, for example, his love-affair with Ben Affleck or high school crush experience with Gwenyth Paltrow could easily be on this list if it were not for Mango’s run-in with Jennifer Lopez. Kattan appeared as the exotic male dancer 16 times during his SNL tenure. No matter how you feel about Kattan, you remember Mango.

#2: More Cowbell

Yes, this is a Will Ferrel and Christopher Walken sketch first and foremost but it’s an incredible achievement to be in one of, if not THE most memorable sketch of all time. It’s quoted constantly, clips of it are used to pump people up at sporting events, it’s an all-time legendary sketch and everyone involved gets the wear that with pride.

#1:  I Wish It Was Christmas Today

The truth is, nobody can steal the spotlight from Tracy Morgan in this sketch, not even Ariana Grande when she joined the team on The Tonight Show, but where would the band be without Keyboard holder professional Chris Kattan. If you’re dancing along with this song, you’re most likely doing Kattan’s head twist.

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