‘The Chris Gethard Show’ Makes its Tru Debut


Last night, ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ made its long-awaited return to TV on its new home network, truTV. If you had any fears that the show would lose its edge on the new network, you can safely tuck those fears away in a place they will never be seen again. The show’s live debut featured three of the four stars of truTV’s Impractical Jokers — Sal Vulcano, James “Murr” Murray and Brian “Q” Quinn — and together the crew made sure that the viewers in studio and at home knew just how wild this show still is. At one point in the show, Q comes out toting an electric chainsaw and while looking to permanently leave his mark on the set, starts chewing through some of the wall panels on the side of the stage.

Later on, before taking the last fan call-in of the night, Gethard professes his gratitude to all of the fans who made his return to TV possible, and says that while he can’t possibly shake the hands of all the folks at home, he can shake at least one of those hands. He then declares that whoever the last caller is, wherever it is that they live, he will leave New York that night and come visit them to hand deliver them a suitcase of prizes, which the Impractical Jokers crew retrieved from the piñatas they smashed moments later. The lucky caller was Nick from Missouri, who will now have the honor of meeting Chris (and probably housing him on his couch for the night) when he comes to the Show Me State to meet him in person. Don’t let anyone ever tell you Chris Gethard isn’t a nice guy.

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