Chris Elliott Says a Musical Emotional Goodbye to Letterman on What May Be His Last Appearance

Last night Jon Stewart said he was leaving the Daily Show, but that wasn’t the only emotional moment on Late Night. Over on CBS, Chris Elliott made what could be his very last Letterman appearance last night. He told Dave that he doesn’t expect to have anything else to promote before Dave leaves the desk in May. With all of the history between them, we hope Chris will be back to say goodbyes in the final days, but in case he isn’t, he wanted to have the chance to say thank you, in front of the audience.

Old school fans of Letterman will get choked up here as Chris Elliott says his goodbye to Dave on the air. He thanked Dave, essentially for everything, from wife and kids, to career.

“I actually…with the audience here, do want to say thank you sincerely for everything that you — you can edit this out, I don’t care– this man gave me my start in the business. You have been my biggest supporter. You have been my mentor. I have learned so much from you. I met my wife through you. I have two beautiful children thanks to that. Everything that I have is thanks to you, and I have a career…”

Dave called Chris “the funniest man I’ve ever worked with” and Chris took it all home with a lovely rendition of “To Dave with Love.”

Take a stroll down memory lane with Chris and Dave, the photos, the memories….’sniff sniff.

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