Child Molesting Robot Sketch Pisses Off Twitter

Last night on Saturday Night Live the show went out with a giant bang. It was funny, provocative and took a lot of risks. At the deep end of that pool was a sketch called The World’s Most Evil Invention which may have jeopardized “The Rock’s” universal appeal.

The sketch starred show host Dwayne Johnson as an evil scientist competing with other evil scientists for the title of the “Most Evil Invention in the World.” Bobby Moynihan presented the contestants and their inventions which included Kyle Mooney’s Dr. Micronox whose evil A-game was a shrink ray, designed to shrink the world’s monuments to the size of toys. Sasheer Zamata’s Baroness Antarctica also had a ray- she planned to encase the world monuments in ice.

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Johnson appeared as “Roy” shocking the other scientists when he “went in a slightly different direction with the assignment.” He brought with him a robot designed to molest children. “I call it Robo-Chomo,” he said promising it could molest twice the number of children in half the amount of time. Even his fellow evildoers were shocked and horrified. Roy was confused by their reactions, suggesting that perhaps they don’t know what evil actually means. “Webster’s dictionary, defines evil as profoundly immoral,” Roy said, suggesting that his other evildoers might not know what evil actually means.

Twitter wasn’t happy, calling the sketch “disgusting humor”, “not funny” and “gone way too far.”

But Saturday Night Live is at its best when it takes leaps into dangerous territory, and risks will always result in social media complaints. Hilarious in concept, well written and well performed, the real problem with the sketch is that it devolved into a weird White Castle commercial at the end for no reason.

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