Chevy Chase Got in a Road Rage Fight…and It Got Physical

Police reports revealed that legendary comedian Chevy Chase was in a road-rage instigated fight near the brand new Tappan Zee bridge earlier this month, and shit got physical. The 74-year-old star of SNL, Caddyshack, the Vacation franchise and Community was driving near the Tappan Zee bridge on February 9th. According to the report, a truck cut off Chase’s car on Interstate 87, and believing that his car was damaged, Chase pursued the truck and flashed his lights to get him to pull over. The driver and a 22 year old passenger in the truck got out, and the report said the 22-year-old kicked Chevy Chase in the shoulder.

Authorities say the investigation revealed that words were exchanged between the drivers, and a passenger in the truck identified as 22-year-old Michael Landrio cursed at Chase and kicked him in the shoulder. He was arrested and charged with harassment, but claimed that Chevy struck him first.

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