Chevy Chase Does Rare Podcast Appearance on Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal Podcast

Chevy chase Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal podcast

Chevy Chase doesn’t do a lot of interviews these days so his appearance on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast (and periscope!) was a big surprise for Gilbert’s fans.

Gilbert and Chevy talked about many of the Chevy myths and stories including his infamous fight with John Belushi and Bill Murray when Chevy went back to host Saturday Night Live (spoiler alert: he claims Bill Murray just likes to fight.) Chevy spent well over an hour sharing stories about working with Randy Quaid, Rodney Dangerfield, taping Saturday Night Live and filming the Vacation and Caddyshack movies. There’s a great story about Eddie Braken’s experience riding the Wally World Rollercoaster for the final scene, and Chevy has some thoughts about Imogene Coca’s performance as Aunt Edna. Chase also talks about why he turned down iconic roles in “Animal House,” “Ghostbusters,” “American Beauty” and “Forrest Gump” and has some interesting stories about the time Cary Grant sued Chevy for some jokes the comic made about Grant’s sexuality.

And all of this is framed from the unique angle of Gilbert Gottfried. He may not be the hardest hitting interviewer on the planet but he is absolutely the hardest laughing and if that can’t make you smile, nothing will. More good news for Gilbert Gottfried fans, he is also the first guest on the new David Steinberg Podcast that launched yesterday on the Sideshow Network which was taped at the legendary Friar’s Club. Gilbert has been Steinberg’s friend and guide to the world of new technologies, introducing him to Periscope last month and teaching him how to do a proper intro in the opening to all new David Steinberg podcast. It’s priceless.

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