Chelsea Handler Tweets Opinion, Twitter Gets Mad, Surprising No One


Chelsea Handler did what Chelsea Handler does best over the weekend, sending out a politically-charged tweet that has successfully riled a few thousand people on Twitter into a mouth-frothing fervor. On Sunday, the comedian tweeted about a news story that was reported that day, in which two Chinese tourists were briefly arrested outside of Germany’s parliament building, the Reichstag. You can see the tweet below:

In the tweet, Handler suggested that the U.S. would benefit from enforcing similar laws against hate speech/symbols. That, of course, led to a flood of angry tweets directed at Handler regarding free speech, because we all know that there’s no better platform for a nuanced discussion about the First Amendment than a social media platform that is inundated with trolls and where posts are limited to just 140 characters, about the length of a lame motivational quote found on a coffee cup.

Handler, probably wisely, didn’t respond to any of the comments in the thread, and simply let the mob have at it. Say what you will about Handler and her politics, but she owns everything that she says and doesn’t seem to be in the business of deleting unpopular posts.

Below are a few tweets she received in reply:

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