Chelsea Handler Tells America the Size of 50 Cent’s Dick

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Chelsea Handler Answers the Question: How Big is 50 Cent

Monday Night Chelsea Handler was hanging out on the Late Late Show with James Corden.  Corden thought he’d have some fun with Chelsea with a twist on the old Truth or Dare Game called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”  The Late Late Show Team went through a lot of trouble to set up a big table filled with disgusting foods that nobody would want to eat, like pickled pigs feet, raw eggs, clam juice, eyeballs and crickets and wrote up some embarrassing questions that most people wouldn’t want to answer.  But Corden’s producers underestimated Handler’s willingness to answer any question, and the only person who ate anything disgusting was James Corden.  Corden almost puked after a tiny bite of pickled pigs foot, and looked very unhappy drinking some clam juice.

Meanwhile Chelsea comfortably showed her “O” face and rattled off the answers to her questions including one about former boyfriend 50 Cent’s dick size.  She used a visual for assistance, and you can watch the clip if you’re curious.  She also comfortably talked about shoplifting a bra and panties from Sears at the age of 12, and some other minor grabs.

Corden meanwhile refused to answer questions about the worst Late Night Host in the game, and his worst guest interview.

Anyone else think this whole game was manufactured just because someone wanted to know how big 50 Cent’s dick is?

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