Check Out the First Clip From Crashing, Pete Holmes New HBO Series


We’ve been excited about HBO’s Crashing ever since we first heard about it early last fall. A series about stand up comedy in New York, starring stand up comics? What’s not to love? And with Pete Holmes as star and creator of the series, with Judd Apatow, not only producing, but also directing, it has all the boxes checked to peak our interest, but there’s more great news– Artie Lange, Lauren Lapkus and T.J. Miller also star.

The premiere is still a ways off- Crashing debuts on Sunday, February 19th at 10:30pm which is perfect timing for the February dull.

Pete Holmes stars as a stand up comic who discovers that his wife is unfaithful, leading him to re-evaluate his life amidst the New York City comedy scene. The trailer gives us a little more detail. Holmes walks in on his wife, played by Lauren Lapkus, with another man. Distraught, he gets on stage and addresses it right away, and bombs, badly. Watch the clip below, and start the countdown to February 19th.

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