Check Our Feed: What Comics Had to Say About Last Night’s Emmy Awards Ceremony

We love our Twitter feed. We follow 2100 comedians on Twitter, plus have a few lists to keep track of the best of the best, so you can’t beat our feed when it comes to reading the funniest reactions to major events. Last night, we watched the Emmys along with many of those 2100 comedian friends who posted on Twitter, and it definitely made the evening more interesting.

We can sum up the biggest moments of the Oscars pretty quickly: A lot of people felt that Dick Gregory belonged in the In Memoriam, everyone was furious with Sean Spicer’s “cute” bit, and reaction to Alec Baldwin’s win was lukewarm. Comedy is especially proud about Donald Glover’s win, and Team’s big win, and the first African American to win Outstanding Writer for a Comedy Series– Lena Waithe.

We chose some of our favorite tweets to share- these are the funniest tweets we saw with a few of the most controversial thrown in for good measure. If there was a Tweeter MVP, it undoubtedly goes to Paul F. Tompkins with the funniest feed all night.

Congratulations to all of comedy’s big winners- including for their big Emmy sweep after a banner ratings year, Donald Glover and Atlanta for their breakthrough work in comedy, Aziz Ansari and Lena Waithe and Master of None for breaking down barriers, Kate McKinnon, Lorne Michaels, Veep and , Alec Baldwin, the writers at Last Week Tonight (shout out to Josh Gondelman!) and anyone we missed.

On Stephen Colbert’s Big Opening Number

Robert De Niro Caught on Camera in a Weird Moment

Everyone Had an Opinion About Sean Spicer

LL Cool J’s Hat

Lorne Michaels at the Emmys

Alec Baldwin Wins an Emmy for His Trump

Comedy Royalty in the Form of a 9-5 Reunion

Congratulating and Spotting Friends

(almost) Everyone Liked Jermaine Fowler on the Announcers Mic

Nobody Seemed to Like the Montages

Biggest Love of the Night- Everyone Thrilled About Donald Glover, Atlanta and Lena Waithe Master of None Wins

The lovely and amazing Carol Burnett

On the Win for John Oliver and Team

Talking About Veep’s Win

On Nicole Kidman’s Speech About Abusive Relationships after Winning for Pretty Little Lies

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