Check Our Feed: Comedians React to Super Bowl 52

We have the best Twitter feed because we get to keep an eye on what thousands of comedians are saying during any major event. Sunday night, we kept a close on our list of 700 comedians everyone should know during the big game and got to see what was on everyone’s mind. Quick rundown, almost everyone rooting for the Eagles (or at least against the Pats), there’s a big debate about whether Pink spit out gum or a cough drop, everyone considered Justin Timberlake’s wardrobe to be a malfunction, the commercials were almost universally hated- particularly the use of Martin Luther King’s words to sell Dodge trucks, and our feed was split about how they felt about the tribute to Prince during the halftimes show. And some of the comics we follow even talked about the game.

Check out our picks for our favorite tweets of the night and follow some of these funny fuckers.

The National Anthem and PreGame


Gametime: 1st Half

Jump Shot

Dodge Ram Has a Dream


Eagles Score With Double Pass

Nobody Likes the Commercials

Halftime Show, J.T.’s Outfit and Prince

The Second Half

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