Celebrities Who Look Like Their Alma Mater’s Mascot

March Madness is underway and celebrity fans are cheering for their favorite teams. Some famous sports fans have an even bigger tie-in to their colleges than just a diploma. There are celebrities that are so connected to their Alma maters that they’ve taken on the look of their school’s mascot. It may be reason they attended that college in the first place. Here’s some famous students that look eerily like their college mascot. They are the Academic Doppelgangers.

1.  The Louisville Cardinal and Louisville law school grad ABC’s Diane Sawyer.


2.  It’s Otto the Syracuse Orange and Syracuse’s own Masters Degree holder, professor and RoboCop,  Peter Weller.


3.  It’s Wisconsin’s Bucky the Badger and his look-a-like from Fox News, Wisconsin graduate Greta Van Susteren.


4.  WuShock and Bill Parcells, both from Wichita State.


5.  Eastern Kentucky’s The Colonel and later years graduate Lee Majors.


6.  Cosmo the Cougar from BYU and his real life alumni counterpart Orson Scott Card.


7.  The angry UNC mascot Ramses and the even angrier former UNC student, Lewis Black


8.  Rudy Flyer from Dayton University and Dayton grad Jon Gruden.


9.  The Arizona State Sun Devil Sparky and his double ASU graduate David Spade.


10.  YoUDee, the Delaware Blue Hen mascot was an obvious inspiration for Delaware drop-out ice skater Johnny Weir.


11.  The University of Virginia Cavalier and the Golden Globes version of UV’s Tina Fey.


12.  The Stanford Cardinal mascot, the Stanford Tree looking very similar to former Stanford student Ted Danson.

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