Canada’s Own Man Mountain, K. Trevor Wilson, Has Gotten Some Strange Breaks: How He Got on Kimmel, and Oddball’s Main Stage

In an ongoing effort to bridge the gap between the New York and Toronto comedy communities, Comedy Records will present their first showcase at Carolines on Wednesday (October 25).

The lineup will feature New York based comedians Giulia Rozzi and Andy Fiori sharing the stage with Toronto’s K Trevor Wilson and Sterling Scott. Staying consistent with theme, the show will be hosted by Jay Wells L’Ecuyer and Eytan Millstone (Toronto sketch comics now based in New York).

New York’s comedy scene will be well represented with Rozzi and Fiori. Both are regulars on stages throughout the city and each of their albums were named as One of the Best Albums of 2016 by Sirius XM.

Toronto’s contribution will be equally strong. Sterling Scott recently finished second at Sirius XM’s Top Comic competition at JFL42 and his album Stay Together drops on Friday (October 27) He’s also recently signed a development deal with ’s LOL Network.

K Trevor Wilson has a resume that includes every major award and festival appearance in Canada. He’s one of the lead actors on the award-winning series Letterkenny and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battles as well as Live.

The showcase at Carolines will be Wilson’s debut appearance in New York. Interrobang sat down with K Trevor to talk about his road to Broadway.


Interrobang: When did you begin performing standup?

K Trevor Wilson: I started in 2000 when I was in my first year of the Comedy Writing and Performance class at Humber College in Toronto. But I’d been acting professionally since I was 14. Technically I guess my first attempt was at a fourth grade talent show.


Interrobang: Have you performed in America before?

K Trevor Wilson: I’ve performed at clubs in Phoenix, Minnesota, Myrtle Beach, a couple shows in LA. I also hosted two shows at the Odd Ball Festival.  Odd Ball was interesting. Big was supposed to host the side stage featuring local comics in Toronto but because of a conflict with another show he couldn’t so they asked me. When I arrived I was told I was going to be performing on the main stage as well. So I went from thinking I was hosting a side stage to being told I’d be performing in an Amphitheatre on a lineup that included , Jeff Ross, Iliza Shlesinger, and other heavy hitters. I did what you always do when you’re thrown into a situation you’re not ready for, I sucked it up and did it anyways. I went first, took the bullet and it was a great show.

A few days later they called me because there was a scheduling conflict with the New Jersey and Philadelphia shows so I was able to do those too. The American crowds didn’t know me but I was fine with that. Because unless you recognized me from Roast Battles or remembered me from my appearance on Darcy’s Wildlife you probably wouldn’t have seen me before. Those shows were a lot of fun.

Interrobang: How does a Toronto-based comic get a spot on Jimmy Kimmel?

K Trevor Wilson: Kimmel came about in a weird way. He was a judge at one of the Roast Battles I was on at Just For Laughs. After the show I was coming out of a stall after dropping a shameful dump. As I was washing my hands he came into the bathroom with Cousin Sal and started chatting me up while he’s at the urinal.

I didn’t want to have the conversation then and there because I had just done something I wanted to get away from. But I’m also not gonna miss the chance to have one on one time with Jimmy Kimmel. We had a good chat in the bathroom while he had his dick in his hand I was pretending that smell didn’t come from my butt. I guess despite that I made a good impression because the next day at a party one of his producers came up to me and said they wanted to book me on the show.

Interrobang: Kimmel seems like a nice guy?

K Trevor Wilson: Such a very nice guy. I can’t say enough nice things about him. So friendly and supportive and a legitimate fan of comedy. Doing his show was a game changer for me. Canada has this defeatist attitude. Most of our best talent leaves to work elsewhere. There’s sort of a feeling across the country that’s, if you’re so good, why are you still here? So American credits go a long way in this country. Doing Kimmel was the final stamp in my comedy passport. It meant a lot.



The Interrobang: Have you performed in New York before?

K Trevor Wilson: This is my first time performing in New York. I was supposed to do a show a couple of years ago but it got snowed out. They thought there was a giant blizzard coming so they shut down the whole city. No subways, no vehicles, they shut everything down. And it just turned out to be a very pleasant snow fall in New York. I went for a walk in Manhattan and only saw two other people. To be in one of the busiest cities in the world and see no one was nuts. It was like the end of the Devil’s Advocate. Really creepy. That was supposed to be my first show but it never happened.

But now I’m really excited to do my first show at Carolines. I get to perform on Broadway! I’m super excited. I remember growing up watching Caroline’s Comedy Hour on A&E. I’m very aware of that club’s history and reputation and I’m very excited to be performing there.


The Interrobang: What’s next for you?

K Trevor Wilson: After this we’re going back to work on the last block of season three of Letterkenny. We just announced a Letterkenny Live Tour that will be going across Canada in the new year. And next month (Nov 10) my album, Sorry! (A Canadian Album) is coming out.

The Comedy Records showcase happens tomorrow at Carolines on Broadway at 7:30pm. Tickets can be purchased at with the promo code NAFTA.

You can tune in and hear Andy Fiori and K Trevor Wilson today at 2pm when they stop by the Bennington Show on Sirius XM.

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