Can Rob Schneider Take Down Jeff Ross With His Nick Jonas Performance?

This week, the Roastmaster General Jeff Ross goes up against Rob Schneider in a hilarious comedian helmed episode of Lip Sync Battle.

Earlier this week we posted a clip of Ross taking his turn very seriously as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury– right down to white spandex, a full bush of chest hair, and more. To beat him, Rob Schneider is really going to have to bring it.

Today, we have an exclusive preview of Schneider’s counter performance as Nick Jonas singing Beautiful.

Schneider might not be able to compete with Ross’ wardrobe choices, but he is definitely committed. Or should be. He is a grade A ham, schmaltzing it up for the audience with major pop star moves. Ross is ready to take him down pointing out that Rob chose to wore the jacket from his Bar Mitzvah, and Schneider has no come back.

Tune in Thursday at 10pm to see Jeff Ross take on Rob Schneider only on the Paramount Network.