Cameron Esposito Releases New Special “Rape Jokes” In a Whole New Way

Jay Leno called Cameron Esposito “the future of comedy” in 2013 after her late-night debut, and she’s spent the 5 years since living up to that moniker, constantly innovating. She’s been put on nearly every regular list that praises young talent, released a critically lauded special on Seeso along with a groundbreaking comedy series on the same platform, she split an album with her wife, and now she’s innovating again– offering her brand new special in a brand new way– and for a great cause.

Esposito’s new special is available exclusively through, and you can pay whatever you want for it. But don’t cheap out because proceeds of the special will go to RAINN, the United States largest anti-sexual violence organization. The special, titled Rape Jokes, hopes to change the current narrative from one that follows the accused and their comebacks to a more victim-focused narrative. The conversation started on Jesse David Fox’s “Good One” podcast, and in the span of a few weeks, she went from first talking publicly about working on the material to making plans to shoot it to shooting it to announcing its release date to releasing it. She was able to do that because she cut out all the bs normally involved with a big release.

If you follow Cameron on social media it will come as no surprise that Trump is a topic in this special- it actually opens with her giving her opinion about the current administration and its leader, an evil person who lives in a tower.

The special is available to just click and watch on Vulture’s website, with a donate button that offers the opportunity to contribute.

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