Buy George Carlin’s BMW

George Carlin’s 1996 BMW is on the auction block and anyone can bid on it. The auction began Tuesday morning at 9:15 AM pacific time, and will be live for seven days. As of Tuesday afternoon, the bidding is at $6500.  Cancel that, $15,000.

You can get all the details on the auction site-– but the quick and dirty details are that Carlin was the original  owner of the 1996 BMW 850Ci, which is one of only 363 delivered to North America with the 5.4 liter M73 V12 which will mean a lot to BMW aficionados along with comedy fans. The car is finished in Schwarz over Black Nappa leather with wood trim, features a 5-speed automatic transmission, Electronic Damper control, an aftermarket stereo, and 18″ Racing Dynamics wheels. Carlin was the original owner of the car, which he kept until his passing in 2008 and since then its been in the hands of George’s daughter, Kelly Carlin.

No you don’t get the “PHUNNY” plates along with it but feel free to order your own personalized plates to top off the perfect car for any comedy fan.

Carlin’s daughter Kelly said that “it’s finally time for this baby to find a new home,” and that her dream is that it will land in the hands of “someone who will enjoy the car, and of course, get a real kick out of the provenance.”

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