Bridget Everett and Rachel Feinstein on an All New Gail Meets Girls

Today on an all new Gail Meets Girls, Gail meets up with comedians Bridgett Everett (whose one woman hour Gynecological Wonder aired on Comedy Central) and Rachel Feinstein (she’s got a killer show, Only Whores Wear Purple). The girls talk about using sex and sexuality on stage, why it’s helpful to have other women friends in comedy when you’re on the road, and why their good friend, Amy Schumer, is such a lightning rod for controversy.

You definitely want to tune in to hear Rachel’s “Back Puss” theory about angry men, and they also address handling criticism, writing about personal experiences, and their favorite comedians to watch.

Gail Meets Girls is a podcast that sets out to find out what’s on the minds of women comics everywhere. Taking the theory that women speak differently when the men aren’t around, the podcast brings a very different angle to the podcastverse.  You only have to listen to one episode to see that there’s something to the theory.  New episodes come out every other Monday, and every episode is different, full of surprises and really killer conversation. In addition to hosting, currently co-hosts SiriusXM’s Bennington show weekdays from noon to 3pm. She’s already one of the most unique voices in radio- hip, fearless and funny- leading the way for a new era in broadcasting.

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