Bonnie McFarlane: Twenty Five Favorite 2017 Tweets

Bonnie McFarlane Should Be In Your Twitter Top Ten

You’re already following Colin Quinn. Congratulations you already know what everyone else in America knows- that he has figured out how to use Twitter in a way that isn’t stupid. But he’s not the only one, and in an ongoing series, we are searching for and finding the best twitter accounts to follow in 2017. This week, Bonnie McFarlane.

No explanation is really needed here. She’s just hands down, flat out funny, even in 140 characters or less. Which should make everyone in the world jealous because you already know she can write with lots of words- her book, You’re Better Than Me is easily one of the best books ever written by a comedian, and also lands in our list of all time favorite memoirs. Those of you with some ambition, go read the book. Check out Bonnie’s movie, Women Aren’t Funny, and for those of you who are really lazy, here’s some easy shit to enjoy without even moving.

Enjoy a look back at 2017 through the tweets of Bonnie McFarlane.




JULY 2017

JUNE 2017

MAY 2017

APRIL 2017

MARCH 2017



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